Our Secret? 

See all those fancy coffee drinks with Italian names everywhere? Like cappuccino, caffe latte, and caffe macchiato just to name a few. Well, all of those are espresso based beverages, and for an authentic Italian espresso you need:

8 grams of finely ground coffee in each pod

Expert blending of coffee beans

Very slow-roasted beans 

We decided to follow each of the above steps in our roasting and packaging factory based in Tuscany, Italy. In addition, we invented a new kind of brewing chamber for the ORCA Coffee Machine and a very special pod that allows full interaction of coffee and water before expanding and pushing out the coffee to fill your cup.  The result is authentic Italian espresso with natural "crema".

About Us

In the year 2000, like many before us, we emigrated from Italy to the United States.

We soon grew to love our new life in California, but we struggled to find an enjoyable cup of coffee. Somehow, in recent years, it has become acceptable to offer burned and bitter coffee and then ask consumers to mask the abnormal taste with sweeteners and artificial flavoring.

We believe the true artisan coffee bean growers would want you to experience coffee how it’s meant to taste, so we decided to import our favorite coffee from Italy. We select beans from a limited number of plantations; we blend, roast, grind the coffee in our own factory in Tuscany, Italy and then air seal it in our pods to maintain quality, freshness and taste. Once you try it, there will be no going back!